Online Filing for United States Nexus Dispute Resolution Policy (usNDP) and nyc Nexus Dispute Resolution Policy (nycNDP) Cases

This application may be used to submit a complaint under either the usNDP or the nycNDP.

Before filling out this form, please be sure you have read the appropriate policy and rules and the FORUM’s Supplemental Rules and that you have prepared a complaint that meets all requirements.

You may use a Model Complaint form to assist you.

You may also refer to our instructions for Filing a complaint

This online filing platform will allow you to transmit your Complaint and any Annexes electronically to the Forum and to pay confidentially and securely, online.

Before beginning the online filing process, please be sure you have the following available (refer to the Forum’s Supplemental Rules):

  • Prepared Complaint (file may not exceed 10 MB)
  • Any Annexes you are including (individual files may not exceed 10 MB)
  • Credit Card, if you wish to pay online

If more than 15 domain names are in dispute, please contact the FORUM by email to obtain a fee quote before filing.

This online filing platform may only be used to file the initial complaint at this time. Please do not use this tool to file an Amended Complaint or any additional case documentation.

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